I’m Back In Cornwall

It has been a bit of a strange day today…. I drove today from Cirencester to Cornwall’s Lizard peninsular and the roads were extremely quiet. While driving I was listening to the Queen’s funeral on BBC Radio 4.

I am here to walk the next stage of the coastal footpath, having last walked in March and reached Marazion (St. Michael’s Mount); This week I hope to reach the Lizard Point.

Although the traffic was quiet the motorway services were busy; Exeter Services – queuing back round the motorway roundabout- I got straight back on the motorway. The first services on the A30 – completely shut; plenty of people parked, disappointed that they couldn’t even use the loos inside the petrol station. Lots of people walking their dogs. Lots of people wanting their lunch and finding the petrol station and restaurant completely closed.

Eventually I stopped at Whitehouse Services near Okehampton (the first time I’d stopped since Cirencester) – There was a massive queue to get in (most queuing for the petrol station) but I timed it well, as by the time I’d found somewhere to park the restaurant had quietened down – having been busy all morning. I managed to get myself some lunch (a ham and cheese panini).

I got to my accommodation – a lovely little hut near the village of Cadgwith – just after 15:30 and was greeted when I arrived by 2 lovely cats, who both came in and made themselves at home! The black one’s particularly friendly. The owners who live in the house next door were quick to point out the tabby one is a bit ferrel and will bite; although I didn’t have any problems. It was perhaps a little more timid but happily jumped up to sit next to me, and curled up on the sofa!

After unpacking I took an evening walk enjoying the sunshine, to the nearest village – Cadgwith. It is only a 5-10 minute walk from the cabin, and on a sunny evening like tonight is amazing! I visited the pub for a quick drink and booked a table – I will eat there on Thursday (my last night).

Then I walked back to the cabin, where a lovely cream tea had been left for me in the fridge earlier. I sat outside on the patio eating my cream tea and read a couple of chapters of my book. In the last couple of months my reading has been forgotten but as the cabin doesn’t have a TV (although I have got my laptop) I intend to do a fair amount of reading this week.

Tomorrow I will head of to St. Michael’s Mount which will be the starting point of my coastal path walk this week.

Happy Monday Evening, everyone!


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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