Christmas 2019

Happy Christmas to everyone who reads my blog!

I must try to update this thing more often! 🙂

I’ve done no fewer than 4 radio shows this week – 2 before Christmas, one on Christmas Day, then another today.

They’re all on MixCloud so head to and Listen Again (or for the first time) at any time on demand – on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

We spent Christmas at home this year, had people over on Christmas Eve and on Boxing Day. The weather in Cirencester was lovely on Christmas Day and I enjoyed going for a walk in the fields out behind our house – a great way to test out my new walking shoes!

They haven’t stayed new for long. We went to Crowle, Worcestershire for the annual post-Christmas village walk on Friday – We walked a long way across muddy fields from pub to pub. I went as the driver – now that we don’t have Granny’s house to use as a base – which meant Mum and Corrie could drink.

Of course, I would have to fall over while standing ankle deep in mud, right next to the electric fence!

My new shoes are now banished from the inside of the house.

We also had our usual roast turkey for Christmas Dinner, accompanied by the cats who had a keen eye on the table once the food was served!

Having enjoyed a few days off work it is back to the office tomorrow – for a shorter day than normal tomorrow and Tuesday – a day off on Wednesday – then back to normal on Thursday.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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