Berlin Plans!

What a busy couple of weeks. Twice a year we do stocktake at work – I’ve done 7.5 hours of overtime in the last week.

Stocktake out the way, and I have realised that since we got back from Greece everyone else in my department has had time off work and I’ve been in the office.

SO: Before I left work on Monday I got a couple more days of holiday signed off.

My third foreign trip of the year (isn’t money great!) will be to the German capital Berlin, at the end of November.

This time I have the luxury of being able to drive to the Airport in my own time, rather than get the coach and get to the Airport hours early.

OK: Driving to Gatwick at 3am isn’t exactly “luxury” – but it means I can go down the night before and crash for a few hours so that at 3am I’ve only got a mile to do. (I’m talking in terms of sleeping here, I have to crash the car).

What will I do in Berlin? I have applied for a ticket for a tour of the Bundestag – the German Parliament.

I also phoned up rbb (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg – the Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcasting Corporation) this lunchtime and asked, in the best German I could manage, whether I could get a place on one of the tours they do every week.

The tour will be in German, with the meeting point being at the reception desk of the Fernsehzentrum. Should be interesting to have a nose around “Haus des Rundfunks” (Broadcasting House) in Berlin!

The hotel I’ve picked is fairly central; it’s not far from Checkpoint Charlie, with underground stations and bus stops near by.

All booked and paid for… The countdown begins!


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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