Munich Trip: Sendlinger Tor, Marienplatz and the Englishe Garten

After a month of planning I’ve arrived in the Bavarian capital of Munich. I flew from Heathrow’s new (less than a year old) Terminal 2 first thing this morning.

Extra LegroomSo much for German efficiency, though… Boarding started late because the plane arrived in to Heathrow late. Then we had to wait for the de-icing crew… then there was some other problem. After checking in my luggage at 06:30 this morning, we didn’t take off until almost 10.

Still: Can’t complain. It meant I didn’t have to wait hours on arrival in Munich to check-in to my hotel, and as the flight was half empty, I got extra legroom anyway (see right).

There was then trouble with the train which meant, instead of going all the way to the city centre, I had to get off the S-Bahn at Munich East and continue my journey on the Underground (the U-Bahn). Not too difficult, but it did mean between the airport and my hotel I took no fewer than three trains!

I finally arrived in the hotel at about 3pm local time (exactly 12 hours after I stepped out the front door in Cirencester).

Arriving in Germany by plane at this time of year is always a lovely sight:

View from Plane

It was a nice sunny day in the city today – really rather warm in that sunshine – and without knowing whether the sunshine would last the weekend, I took advantage of the good weather and went for a little walk.

First I went from my hotel in the Sendlinger Tor district to Marienplatz, in the heart of the city – and back again. Then I took the U-Bahn (the Underground) to Universit├Ąt station, to visit the Englische Garten.

Here are some of my photos from my city exploration.

Sendlinger Tor

Just outside my hotel.

Sendlinger Tor




New Town Hall


The Siegestor: Victory Gate

On my way to the Englishe Garten, on leaving the underground station which is inside the university, I saw this…

Victory Gate

Englisher Garten

Bigger than New York’s Central Park, the couple of hours I spent wandering around, without really knowing exactly where I was, were not enough to see the whole park. I could easily have stayed longer, but the sun was going down, and it was getting cold.

Englisher Garten

Englisher Garten

Englisher Garten

Englisher Garten

I’m off out to find something to eat now. Tomorrow, I will probably go to Dachau during the day. During the evening, I’m going to a concert.

Bye for now.



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