End of the Year, Stroud FM and Moving Out of the Halls

So my first year at university has now finished – my assignments were all handed in 2 weeks ago and last Thursday I had my exam.I’m still in the halls at the moment, though as I’ve no lectures I’ve broken out of the 4-nights-in-Cheltenham and 3-nights-in-Cirencester habit and have been spending more time at home. Though I’m still going to use the halls at least once a week until the university’s student radio station (Tone Radio) closes for the Summer. My final show of this academic year will be next Thursday – 24. May. I am on air every Thursday night, 8pm to 10pm.

I’m planning to move a lot of my stuff out of the halls and back home to Cirencester over this weekend – my computer and TV will be better off at home now that I’m spending more time at home than I am in Cheltenham (this also means I can cancel my TV license and get several months worth of money back on that)! Though the chances are I’ll keep the keys until the last minute, just in case I need to go back in to Cheltenham at some point. I’ve got use of the halls until 24. June so there’s no rush there.

I’ve started doing some stuff for Stroud FM now. Stroud FM is a community radio station based in the center of Stroud, and I did my first afternoon there yesterday, working on finding guests for the Drivetime show.

This is the side of broadcasting I haven’t had much experience of – until now I’ve only done lots of presenting (on Corinium, Tone and 1Radio), as lots of techie stuff/chairing the Technical Committee for Corinium Radio. This is also my first experience in working in a ‘live’ radio environment – where I’m finding guests to be on the programme later that day as opposed to planning a music show for Tone or booking an interview to take place in a couple of weeks time for broadcast some time next month: there’s quite a difference in how you have to approach it!

Last thing for me to do this week is do my Tone Radio show – I’ll be on again from 8pm tomorrow night (17. May) and for my final show of the academic year from 8pm next Thursday (24. May).

For now… I think I’m going to enjoy a few episodes of Yes, Prime Minister. I’ve still got some of my DVDs here in Cheltenham.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer


  1. Hi Fred,

    The work on Stroud FM sounds fantastic, hope it’s going well for you! Its always quite important to get a good all-round knowledge of the industry you want to work in, even if there are bits you don’t enjoy as much as others!

    Love to the family,

    Charlotte x

  2. The phone guest we had on last night was great. (Medieval Plays etc) Best to you and Vince. Chris

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