Listening to Old BBC Radio Kent Jingles…

There’s been a discussion going on at JingleMad recently about the jingles used by BBC Radio Kent (and a number of other stations) around 2000-2003.

It was around the end of this time that I was discovering how the Internet worked and used the BBC website to tune in to various radio stations around the Internet.

Whilst BBC Radio Kent wasn’t one of them, BBC Radio Devon was. On hearing some of the audio from Kent’s jingles, I realised how similar they sounded to the jingles I’d heard on Radio Devon around this time.

At the time I wasn’t too keen on the Devon jingles, they didn’t mean anything much to me. However, hearing the audio back again, I realise that actually, the jingles were very well produced: they sound great, don’t they!

OK: Yes, they’re only radio jingles. But there’s something about the production that went in to these jingles that makes them worth listening to. And they also remind me of the days I spent listening online to BBC Radio when I was not more than 10/11 years old.

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Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer