Interesting Weblinks – 27 September 2010

We are already 4 days away from the beginning of October 2010, and today is the first day of the fourth week back in college.

Today, I’m going to share some interesting pages I’ve found online over the last couple of weeks.

Sarah Kennedy Speaks To the Telegraph

Starting with an article in the Telegraph about Sarah Kennedy‘s departure from her BBC Radio 2 show; the former Dawn Patrol presenter has told the telegraph that she “was never drunk on Radio 2“.

Kennedy admitted that she had had a “bad show” at the beginning of August, and that she had sounded “slurred”. But she said that her problems that day were due to lack of sleep, and also blamed her BBC producer for letting her continue with the programme.

She also said that she believes she has an enemy at the BBC who is responsible for the persistent rumours that she went on the air drunk.

The Telegraph

Read the full story ot the Telegraph’s website.

BBC College of Journalism

The BBC College of Journalism is used by the BBC and other organizations to train journalists, and some materials are also placed online for any BBC website user to access.

Yesterday I found a page with tips from Neil Churchman, a senior producer at the BBC Radio Newsroom in London, on how to write good radio cues.

He says there are two rules that must never be broken:

Whatever you do, don’t bore or confuse your audience. Some stories are simple and compelling; others can be rather dull and complex.

Your job is to make people sit up, understand and take notice. The cue is our shop window and we’re selling news.”

BBC College of Journalism

Read more at; you’ll need to have flash player installed to watch the video, use the links under the red “Cues” heading.

Tony Blackburn

I read on the BBC Press Office earlier this week that Tony Blackburn, presenter of BBC London’s Sunday Lunchtime show and a former presenter on Radio 1 & Classic Gold, will join BBC Radio 2 in November:

Commenting on his return, Tony says: “I’m delighted to be taking up the reins of one of radio’s most iconic and famous shows at the UK’s most listened to radio station. I’m very much looking forward to indulging in two hours of fantastic, rarely heard music from across the decades each week.”

BBC Press Office

He takes over Pick of the Pops in November; Dale Winton‘s last show will be October 30.

Read the full story on the BBC Press Office website.

Graham Norton

Following Jonathan Ross’ departure from the BBC in July this year, Graham Norton starts his new Saturday morning show on Radio 2 this coming Saturday (October 2):

There’s travel with Bobbie Pryor, sport with Alistair Bruce-Ball and the very best celebrity guests. Email the show anytime:

BBC Radio 2

Find out more about the show on the Radio 2 website.

That’s it for today – I’ll write again later in the week.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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