A BBQ… But Not A BBQ

The BBQ In the Shed

We went up to Crowle yesterday (we’re still there) to stay with my Grandmother for the night, and we had a BBQ.

Except, it was rather cold outside (so we ate indoors)… and the BBQer (Dad) stayed in Cirencester (so we cooked the food in the oven). Hence why the image above shows the BBQ in Grandpa’s old shed, next to the freezer.

We had all the usual BBQ food; such as sausages, chicken, and (my favourite)… Moroccan Chops – bits of marinated lamb. Afterwards, Mum used the Campsite Cooking section in the July 2010 issue of the Sainsbury’s Magazine to make a sticky ginger treacle cake. The recipe isn’t available online, but it looks like we’re not the only ones who enjoyed this recipe!

Its apparently meant to get better and stickier the longer you keep it, so I hope there’s some left; we only made it yesterday afternoon!

Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like it’ll remain unsettled as we head into this week; hopefully the good weather will return soon so that we can have another proper BBQ.

Its now only 9 days until we go to Greece; we’re going to Crete this year. Looking at the weather forecast (Chania International Airport is the nearest to where we’re staying on the BBC website), I think its going to be very hot by the time we get there! The maximium daytime temperature is around 32/33°c this week; and the minimum nighttime temperature 24°c, rising to 25°c by Thursday. On the plus side, it’ll only be 38% humidity (compared to the 54% we had in Cirencester the other week) and with very good visibility.

Will write again later in the week.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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