The village of Galissas (Γαλησσάς) is located on the Western coast of Syros, about 9km from the main port of Ermoupoli (Ερμούπολη).

After arriving in the port on the ferry, we were met at the port and driven by minibus to Galissas – the journey takes 15-20 minutes. The Galissas Studios, where we were staying, located just a couple of minutes’ walk from the main centre of the village.

Galissas is not a massive village – and the road is not that busy either. So if, like us, you’re looking for a relaxing Greek holiday then Galissas makes the perfect location.

The Pool at Galissas Studios

By day, you can choose to stay by the pool, or go to the beach. The pool area at the Galissas Studios isn’t massive, but quite often we had the pool to ourselves which was quite nice. The beach has quite a lot of space, and if you don’t want lots of sunbeds you can walk along to the end where there are none at all.

The beach, like quite a lot of the beaches on Syros, is sandy and is shallow for quite a way out – even close to the small harbour… People are still standing up knee-deep in water!

During the Summer months, there are two mini-markets in Galissas (I believe one of them closes away from peak season); a couple of tourist shops; and two car rental places.

There is no bakery in Galissas – for that you need to walk to Finikas, or get the bus to Ermoupoli. The same goes for a butcher if you choose to eat in one night.

Eating & Drinking In Galissas

By night, there are a small number of tavernas to eat at, and a couple of bars which are open during the day as well.

  • Sunset – Ηλιοβασίλεμα: On the front, next to the mini market. Food wasn’t the best in the village, and we found it not to be your traditional village taverna. It is also a bit more expensive than the other places in Galissas
  • Taverna Savvas (Ταβέρνα Σάββας): Also on the front, located next to the Sunset/Ηλιοβασίλεμα. We ate here many times while we were in Galissas; George the waiter very pleased that we spoke to him in Greek! When ordering, check what their daily specials are – most places on Syros don’t have everything on their menu available at the same time. I can recomment the Kokkinisto Moschari (veal in a tomato sauce).
  • Maistrali Hotel: Serves breakfast in the morning.
  • Peter & Tony: As well as having rooms available, you can come here for your morning coffee, or a selection of sandwiches and pies for lunch. We came here most days as it was the closest Galissas has to a bakery. Wifi also available here so I came here quite often with my laptop and did my e-mails while having a drink!
  • Mezepoleio: I can’t remember its proper name so can’t link to its website, but there is a mezepoleio in Galissas. So that means you order lots of dishes to mix and match to put together your meal – a bit different from eating normally!
  • Το Αίθριο: Only went here once for a crêpe, you can also have breakfast here too or eat in the evenings.
  • Cafe Angelinos: A bar where you can go after your meal for dessert – something like a crêpe, or just a drink. We never came here so can’t say what its like.
  • Ψηστάρια «Το Στέκι»: Between the Alpha Rent-a-Car and Galissas Rent-a-Car offices. The souvlaki I had was OK (not the best I’ve eaten).
  • Gyro Place on the Corner: I would live on Pita Gyros and/or Pita Souvlaki if I could… shame no British places do them!
  • Ψαροπούλα: Fish taverna down the road going towards the beach. It does have things other than fish for those who don’t like fish! Having been told before I flew out to Greece that I must try a Γιουβέτσι (Giouvetsi), this was the first place that actually had it available on the night – it tasted brilliant!

Other Useful Information

The Alpha Rent-A-Car office is run by Yannis Kazantzakis (Γιάννης Καζαντζάκης, also owner of the Galissas Studios where we were staying. Olympic guests get discounts for using Alpha. Yannis also has information on places to visit on the island, and if you want to get the bus to somewhere else on the island he will be able to let you know the timetable.

At the Galissas Studios there are several types of rooms: studios for 2, studios for 2-4, 1 bedroom apartments for 2-4, or maisonettes for up to 4. We were in a studio for 2-4… I understand from the reviews online that the room sizes vary, but we were in room 4 – which is quite big, its got a double bed and a bunk bed in the corner, and a large balcony facing in to the neighbour’s garden.

Hidden away from the main complex, it was like having our own little bungalow! The downside of room 4 though, was that there was just 1 electrical socket: Charging phones, boiling the kettle, putting the radio on etc. became difficult for the 4 of us (though not too bad, as I could plug my laptop in using my European charger, and then charge 2 phones at a time from the 2 USB ports on it).

See some photos taken in and around Galissas at – or click here for the full Syros 2013 gallery.

So in conclusion, Galissas made a great place to stay at for our holidays this year – I loved the rooms, loved the village, and loved Syros as well… I would love to return there for my holidays in the future.

Interactive Map of Galissas

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Tomorrow on my blog I will be writing about the village of Finikas.

Γεια σας,