Nydri Waterfalls

This morning we drove to the Dimossari Waterfalls/Kαταρράκτες Δημοσάρη near Nydri/Νυδρί.

If you look at the scenery around Lefkada, you’ll notice it is very green when compared to other Greek islands – some of which are very barren. The reason for this difference is that Lefkada has a lot of underground water and the Dimossari site is one where this water emerges from within the mountains.

We parked our car at the bottom and walked up, past the taverna and in to the gorge. At this time of year it is extremely hot so most of the river bed is completely dry. It is only when you are up close to the waterfalls that you realise there is some water trickling down to create the pools where tourists are paddling, and cooling off from the heat of the day.

After exploring the waterfalls – and some of us even going for a dip in the water – we returned to the car to find a beach.


On the way back we found a bit of beach South of Nikiana/Νικιάνα and stopped for a swim. We were close to Nydri but far enough away that the beach was not crowded at all, and we even managed to find some shade. I was quite enjoying myself – lying there drying off after swimming, listening to an audiobook on my tablet… but a late lunch called and it was approaching 5pm.

Tomorrow, we’re going on a boat trip – so an early start to get in to and find somewhere to park in Nydri, then it’s off to some interesting beaches on Lefkada and beyond.