Agios Ioannis

Today we drove round the edge of Lefkada’s main town to the beach of Agios Ioannis/Άγιος Ιωάννης.

This is the beach we came to on the bus a couple of weeks ago but today there was less wind so it was swimmable. Before our swim however we walked along the beach to see what we could find. There was a nice breeze to stop us getting too hot as well today!

We had lunch in the little beach bar by the windmill, before returning to the beach for another swim. Just before 5 we got back in the car and headed in towards the town. There is a car park just on the outskirts of Lefkada meaning we didn’t have to drive in to the city centre. The car park is next to a lake and from the car we spotted two flamingos out in the middle of the lake!

After walking around the town to find a bank, and having an ice cream and a drink in one of the many bars along the water front, we returned to the car and back to Lygia.