We drove over to the Western coast of the island today. We planned to go to Kathisma/Κάθισμα but it was so crowded when we got there we turned round and drove on.

Eventually (and several traffic jams later) we arrived on Avali/Αβαλί, near the village of Kalamitsi/Καλαμίτσι. The thing with Lefkada in August is that the traffic is just so heavy! There are so many people and the roads aren’t great.

We parked at the top of Avali and walked down the steps, then over the rocks, to find a quiet bit of beach. It got busier as the day went on but at least we had space to ourselves – more than we’d have had at some of the more popular beaches.

After swimming a couple of times in the Ionian’s turquoise waters we went for a walk along the road. The beach is actually quite long so there are several places you can go to get away from people if you want a quiet bit of beach.

When we returned we had lunch in the little canteen above the beach – nothing special, just a cheese toastie, but it kept us going until the evening.

In the evening we ate at the Seven Islands/Επτάνησα taverna in Lygia – I enjoyed by kokkinisto moschari (the beef in tomato sauce).

After all those winding roads and traffic jams today I think we’ll be keeping it simple tomorrow!