Our first morning back in Lefkada started with breakfast sitting by the swimming pool outside the Polyxenis Apartments. Breakfasts in Athens had been pretty basic, so bacon and eggs was very welcome.

Dessimi/Δεσίμη was our chosen beach for the day, just a short drive towards the South. The beach has a couple of trees towards the back, lots of little boats and a café serving hot dogs, pita gyros and drinks just off the beach.

Being mid August, a bank holiday week not only for the Greeks but also the Italians (of which there are lots of here – not far from the port of Igoumenitsa were the ferries come in from Ancona, Bari, Brindisi and Venice), most beaches are heaving and parking difficult. In fact, the beaches we visited near Athens earlier in the week were extremely quiet by comparison.

Dessimi was not so busy, so we liked it. As with the rest of the Ionian, the turquoise waters are very tempting and a swim very welcome after driving around in a hot car. It might only be a few miles but in temperatures in excess of 30°c on a daily basis, any time spent in a car makes you feel hot.

Today was also Dad’s birthday so we had arranged for a birthday meal to be prepared; the gigandes (beans) starter with tzatziki and bread, and grilled fresh fish (sardines) – followed by souvlaki pork and chips.

It was very tasty and eating it next to the swimming pool outside the apartment was enjoyable.

We’re thinking of heading to the West of the Island tomorrow – that is where the best beaches on the island are located.