Day Trip to Kavala

By , 10/08/2014 01:04
Kavala - Καβάλα

Kavala – Καβάλα

It’s already after midnight here in Greece, so, on that basis…

Yesterday (Saturday), Mum, Corrie and I did a day trip to the city of Kavala / Καβάλα, on the mainland. After Thessaloniki, Kavala is the second largest city in the Makedonia region.

Although this is our fourth time on Thassos, we have never visited Kavala – and as we’ve always flown in to Kavala Airport (apart from this year), we felt we should pay the city a visit.

Ferries between Kavala and Thassos are not as regular as the ones between Keramoti and Thassos, but they are more regular at this time of year making a day trip possible. They leave from Skala Prinou / Σκάλα Πρίνου, and take approx. 1hr 15mins.

Arriving in Kavala by Sea gives you some great views of the city: of the castle and the old town up at the top, of the beaches in the city, of the new town along the sea front.

Summer Bazaar of Kavala - Καλοκαιρινό Παζάρι Καβάλας

Summer Bazaar of Kavala – Καλοκαιρινό Παζάρι Καβάλας

On leaving the passenger terminal at the port, we walked along the sea front to the Summer Bazaar – the market – which consisted mainly of clothes, shoes, socks, and other small items.

The most interesting part was the fruit and veg section, with local produce including potatoes, eggs, nectarines, peaches etc. Prices vary according to who you buy from, so shop around.

We slowly walked arount the market, before making our way back to the sea front and then wandering up to the castle up above the port, in the old town. Entry to the castle is not more than a couple of Euros per person, and there’s a café there serving a range of drinks and snacks: Ttheir milkshakes are particularly nice.

From the castle you get wonderful views over the port and over the rest of the city of Kavala – and that means plenty of photo opportunities.

Walking our way back down towards the port, we passed a tourist shop in the narrow streets of the old town from where I was able to buy some Kavala postcards. I like collecting Greek postcards when I come away to Greece, and as I’ve been all over the country this year the pile of postcards I have has grown in recent weeks. They will all be going in to a photo album when I get back to the UK.

As well as postcards we got some very nice paintings from the tourist shop; the shopkeeper paints them herself – there are paintings of Kavala, of Thessaloniki, and of other areas in Greece too: We left with quite a few, as the prices were very reasonable.

Skala Prinou - Σκάλα Πρίνου

Skala Prinou – Σκάλα Πρίνου

We took the 16:15 ferry back to Thasssos, and, hot after a day walking around the city, fell straight in to the sea. It felt a bit bizarre swimming right next to the ferry we’d been on a few minutes before. I can’t imagine doing the same at Dover, Southampton or Portsmouth!

Today (Sunday) is our last full day on Thassos. We leave to return to Thessaloniki tomorrow Monday and fly back to the UK on Tuesday. It will be strange to go back home after 6 weeks away!

It’s now after 1am. I’m off to bed.

Good night / Καληνύχτα.


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