Paradise Beach

By , 06/08/2014 08:18
Paradise Beach - Παραλία Παράδεισος

Paradise Beach – Παραλία Παράδεισος

We went to the East coast of Thassos yesterday, to Paradise Beach (Παραλία Παράδεισος). One of the most popular beaches on the island, it is reached by a dirt track going down the mountainside from the main road. We parked up at the top and walked down.

At this stage in August – now in the 2 weeks leading up to August 15 (one of the biggest religious holidays on the Greek Orthodox calendar), Thassos is at its busiest and the big beaches: Aliki, Psili Ammos, Paradise etc. are all packed with people. Paradise Beach has sunbeds all along it, and there was no space on the main beach.

Head to the far end – up to the rocks, and you can find space there: We first sat up on the  rocks themselves, then spotted a “mini beach” which we could have to ourselves, just the other side of the rocks.

Despite the storm we had the other day, which has left the water at beaches elsewhere on the island rather murky even four days after, the water at Paradise Beach was really rather clear, with not buch debris floating around. It’s shallow for quite a way out too, which is a good thing, as I don’t like not being able to stand up in the sea. I’m a strong swimmer…I just don’t like not being able to stand up or see the bottom! The sea water here is lovely and warm too. We almost forgot about the screaming crowds of people just the other side of the rocks.



In the evening we went for a pizza at the Aquarius Pizzaria/Fish Taverna, on the corner of the crossroads in Potos. Corrie had spaghetti bolognese, I had a 4-Cheese Pizza, while Mum and Dad shared a large cheese/ham/mushroom/parmezan pizza.

We’ve had pizza from there before, and it is great to sit and watch them making the pizzas. Shame we sat last night where we couldn’t see the kitchen! You can do takeaway from there, which we’ve done before: takeaway pizza from the restaurant with chips from the pool bar at the hotel. Great!

This morning, I think the plan is to go for a swim in the pool before breakfast, then enjoy a hot chocolate from the bar. It’s going to be hot and very humid today, particularly in the afternoon, so I think the plan is to find a beach somewhere and make sure we are in the water as much as possible.

I think now I should maybe go and wake everyone up.

Bye for now,


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