The Meteora

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For those who don’t know, the main attraction of Kalambaka and Kastraki is the Meteora (Μετέωρα). There are 6 monastries built on rocks on the egde of the Plain of Thessaly.

This is one of the largest and one of the most important grouping of Eastern Orthodox monastries – only Mt. Athos is more important. The Meteora is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This morning I got the bus from the hotel and went to explore the  monastries – there are great views over the region from the tops of the mountains!

Signs at the entrance to each monastry state “No Entry to: Men wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Women wearing trousers, shorts and short sleaved shirts”. In reality, as long as your knees are covered they don’t mind. Skirts are provided for the women who need them!

It really is very picturesque round here, and not surprisingly, it is very touristy. I was disappointed there were no Greeks to take my photo for me… I asked a Bulgarian tourist instead; and then I took one of him and his wife using his camera.

Pictures aren’t allowed inside the monastries, but here’s a photo of me from on the top of one of them…


Now, I need to pay the hotel bill, then, I’m taking the bus to Thessaloniki (changing at Trikala).

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