Sterzing to Venice

A motorway drive South from Sterzing in German speaking Italy to a caravan site near the city of Venice.

The first half of the journey was on the 2-lane A22 Autostrada through the Alps. Not far from the city of Verona I joined the main A4 Autostrada where the crazy Italian drivers were out in full force.

Part 1

00:00:00 BOZEN-SÜDTIROL: Departure from Hotel Brenner
00:02:46 Sterzing
00:07:01 Stopping for petrol before hitting the Autostrada
00:09:55 Autostrada A22
01:11:37 TRENTO
01:48:53 VERONA
02:00:00 Stopping at the Services

Part 2

00:00:00 VERONA: Rejoining the Autostrada A22
00:10:40 Autostrada A4
00:28:39 VICENZA
00:44:53 PADOVA
00:57:52 VENEZIA
00:59:53 Autostrade A57
01:05:20 Tolls!
01:06:28 Exiting the Motorway
01:18:34 Arrival at Fusina