Mullion Cove to Lizard Point

It rained on Thursday night, so I let Squiggles the cat stay in overnight. Squiggles stayed in all night, despite me opening the window – instead the other cat (Pixie) jumped in through the window around 5am!

Friday was my last day in Cornwall but before setting off for home I had one more walk to do. After leaving the cabin I set off for Lizard – a short drive away. I parked on the village green, and got the bus to Mullion Cove for the start of the walk.

After the night’s rain the skies had cleared, and the Sun was shining once more. Before starting my walk I got out my fold up chair and sat down by the harbour to read a chapter of my book. Then I set off.

The clifftop views on the walk out of Mullion Cove are stunning – the good weather helped of course! There were views down to beaches and rocks below. From Mullion Cove the coastal footpath heads down towards Predannack Head – near the airfield which is the overspill from RNAS Culdrose, the nearby Royal Naval Air Station.

After Predannack a large section of the path goes through Kynance Farm, where the cattle are grazing. I made some new friends along the way!

Almost 5 miles on from Mullion and the cliffs reach Kynance Cove – a lovely beach in this weather – where the tide goes out revealing another rocky cove which you can walk to. As I arrived the tide was coming in so I stayed on the main beach.

In the warm Sunshine Kynance Cove was a good place to stop for lunch. I only intended to stay a short while but ended up staying much longer – almost 2 hours – while I sat on my fold up chair at the edge of the sea. I did get a little wet as the tide came in.

Some time after 4pm I set off from Kynance Cove for the last 2 miles to my destination: Lizard Point – the most Southern part of the UK mainland. It took another hour and a half to reach here. Along the way I saw 2 seals in a small cove, surfing in the waves. It looked like a mother and a pup.

On reaching the Lizard Point my week walking had come to an end; I will look forward to picking up the coastal walk from Lizard Point next time I am in Cornwall (maybe early in 2023?)

Returning to the car I set the sat nav for home. A 4 hour drive back to Cirencester. A quick stop for petrol in Helson, followed by a motorway services stop near Exeter, and by 22:30 I was back home.

Distance Walked Today: 12.06km (7.49 miles)
Distance Walked This Week: 43.89km (27.27 miles)
Total Coastal Path Walk: 79.75km (49.56 miles)


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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