Praa Sands to Porthleven

I was slightly delayed in leaving this morning as I had the slight problem of getting the cat out – Squiggles had curled up on the chair in the cabin and gone to sleep! As I write, I’ve once more lost the comfy chair as it is now occupied by the cat, who jumped out of nowhere after I parked and was at the front door before I was!

I drove to Porthleven, parked up, and then headed for the bus stop. Today was Sunny, but more of a breeze which made walking more pleasant – the downside was the sea wasn’t as flat calm as yesterday. Once I got to Praa Sands, a bacon roll for breakfast….then I went down to the beach. Rather than start walking straight away I set up my chair amongst the rocks and sat down for half an hour with my book.

Then I got going. Today’s walk, at just over 7km, was shorter than yesterday’s but seemed more difficult….Lots of going up – and down – hill. In terms of the route it was actually a little easier than yesterday. Not so many opportunities to get lost!

I stopped briefly to it down at Rinsey Head, with great views back towards Praa Sands. I stopped for lunch at the top of a cliff, once I could see Porthleven – although it was another 1hr 20mins before I would arrive there.

Today’s walk was all on high cliffs, not many routes down to the beaches below – the views were great and the sound of the sea enjoyable to listen to. Once I arrived back in Porthleven I sat down for an ice cream. Then I got in the car and went to Kynance Cove. A beach with lots of rocks which at low tide you can walk across to get to another large area of beach – but watch you don’t get cut off by the tide!

I loved sitting in the Sun watching the tide go out, occasionally getting in to the water (up to my knees today! My shorts got splashed as a wave came in) – and read quite a few chapters of my book.

On the way back I stopped at Ruan Minor where there’s a post office and shop – I needed some bread. I took the scenic route back – which took me through Cadgwith – the nearest village to where I’m staying. The roads there are so narrow, they’re not much wider than my car. My parking sensors were going mental!

It’s getting dark now, I will think about cooking some dinner soon (I’ve got a pizza tonight). I’m letting the cat stay until 8 but then I do need to shut the door (to keep the cold out!) Seems a shame to disturb a sleeping cat, but the room doesn’t have a cat flap and I can’t keep the cat shut in at night! Squiggles will be so upset when I say time’s up!

Tomorrow I’ll pick up the walk from Porthleven, and I’ll walk down to Mullion Cove – where I watched the Sunset the other night. It’ll be a bit more difficult getting the bus for this one, as I will have to get one bus to Helston, then change busses. Hopefully that wont be too difficult though.

Distance Walked Today: 7.93km (4.93 miles)
Distance Walked This Week: 18.76km (11.66 miles)
Total Coastal Path Walk: 66.68km (41.44 miles)

Good night,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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