Summer Arrives – Just In Time for the Bank Holiday

Cat Photos - May 2013

Summer has arrived in the UK and last night we managed to get in our first BBQ of the year – joined by the neighbor, her cat plus our two cats (our two being the black and ginger ones in the photo above).

There’s something quite fun about sitting in the garden with the cats; they enjoy having company outside, and when they’re not trying to steal your piece of chicken, they just want to play the whole time (well, one of them does anyway)…

We’ve had the swing seat out as well – haven’t been able to sit in the garden and read for quite a few months!

We finished a great bank holiday weekend by having our roast dinner earlier this evening – roast lamb. Quite an appropriate dish, given that yesterday was Easter for the Greek Orthodox Church, and lamb is what they tend to have for their Easter meal.

The rest of my family are all back at work and school tomorrow. As for me… I’ve got a Corinium Radio broadcast to help put together for July, and finding some work experience as well might be a good idea.

Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday (what remains of it)!

Bye for now,


Photo © Corrie Hart.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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