More Snow Photos (I’m Back In Ciren Today)

The bus was running a normal service this morning so I got the first bus out of Cheltenham in to Cirencester this morning.

Pavements in Cheltenham were lethal – just ice – but at least the roads were clear. I sometimes wonder why people in this country can’t be bothered to get a shovel and clear the pavements. In some places in the world, to do so is a legal requirement. It should be here.

Getting back in to Cirencester and there was a lot more snow on the ground – deeper than in Cheltenham. Most of it was still snow and not yet turned to ice as very few people had walked through it. It was safer walking up the road to my house in Cirencester than it was walking along the Promenade in Cheltenham!

I was listening to London commercial radio station LBC 97,3  last night, and was pleased that I am not the only one to think that it is a bit pathetic that this country comes to a standstill with so little snow on the ground. Presenter Ian Collins was trying to work out why 3000 head teachers simultaniously had the same idea: “Close the school” – the chance of a long weekend, I suspect, may have been why they did so.

Anyway… I must stop ranting. There is nothing I can do at the moment.

More photos here – all from today barring the top one which is from yesterday when I wrote the word “TONE” (referring to Tone Radio) on one half of Grafton Road in Cheltenham…

Click on the photos to view full size versions with descriptions.

I’ll try and get out in to the garden tomorrow – lots of fresh, untouched snow there to take some photos of.

Tone Radio Written In the Snow

Fairview Road

Cheltenham Promenade

Cirencester Cirencester

Bowling Green Lane

Bowling Green Road

Bowling Green Avenue

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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