So Far This Week…

I’m half way through my first week back at university in Cheltenham.

Two out of the four lectures I have each week have been completed. Yesterday’s lecture was part of the Radio Drama module, which will result in me producting/directing a piece of drama for radio (the script for which will be written by 2nd year Creative Writing students). That should be quite interesting. Drama is something I’ve not done a lot of on the radio (apart from occasionally listening to the Archers on Radio 4).

My Tuesday morning lectures between now and Christmas are all going to be about Building Audiences; how radio stations research their audiences, how they keep existing listenersand all that sort of stuff.

Two lectures left this week  – Making and Presenting Music Radio on Wednesday and Radio Genres and Cultures on Thursday. Then, before I go home on Friday, a short tech session to prepare us for the work we’ll have to do in some of the Making & Presenting Music Radio module.

This week is also my first week in the new house, living with 7 other students (not radio students though) – I think they were a bit surprised when I turned up with just my laptop bag at first… If it doesn’t fit in my laptop bag, then it doesn’t come in to Cheltenham: as long as I have my laptop, hard drive and speakers with me, then I’m happy. My desktop PC will be staying at home this year.

Application sent in last week for my Tone show – watch this space. As soon as I know when Tone’s back on air/what time my show is, I’ll let you know.

Now… I’m half way through the final chapter of Sir Robin Day’s memoirs. I am aiming to finish the book within the hour.

I’ll write again soon!


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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