A Slight Technical Glitch…

Apologies to those of you who tried to access my website on Friday night/Saturday morning: the website was down between about 22:30 on Friday night and 11:15 on Saturday morning, displaying a ‘Service Unavailable’ page.

I quickly contacted my hosting company, Krystal Hosting, to find out what the problem was. I initially thought something had gone wrong at Krystal’s end and admit that I panicked slightly when I woke up to find it wasn’t back the next morning (Krystal are always very good at sourcing problems and getting things up and running very quickly).

However once I realised that Corinium Radio’s website was still up and I was still accessing e-mails, it became apparent that the problem wasn’t Krystal – but this time it was me. One of my wp-admin files was going wrong and threatening to crash the server. So to prevent it from causing problems, they suspended my account. On Saturday morning, after I contacted them, they were able to un-suspend it so I could go in and check out the problem.

I’ve checked all my WordPress installations on this hosting account now (thats fred-hart.gr (my Greek website), greeklessons.fred-hart.gr (where I store notes from the Greek lessons I go to), fred-hart.co.uk/listening (my Radio Listening Blog), fred-hart.co.uk/jingles (my Radio Jingles blog) and blog.fred-hart.co.uk (that’s this site)) and made sure they were up to date. But I also found an installation of WordPress which had only been half-removed when I no longer needed it a couple of months ago. That seems like a likely candidate for problems.

So – thanks to Krystal, who after being on the receiving end of a couple of panicky e-mails/Facebook and Twitter messages (er… sorry about that), were able to explain the problem to me so that I could go and check out the problem.

Krystal has always been to us a very good web host, always e-mailing us when they expect downtime and being quick to respond when we’ve encountered problems – and they will continue to do so for many years to come.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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