How When You Were Born Affects Personality

Richard Allinson is doing Radio 2’s Early Breakfast Show for the next few weeks.

Just before 6 this morning, he was talking about a study done by some scientists in the US.

The study is about how your season of birth affects your personality…

Babies born in the Summer really do have sunnier personalities than those born in the winter. These researchers believe that the time of year in which you were born permanently sets your biological clock.

Those born in the Summer have a naturally long body clock, and tend to be active for long periods of the day, even when the Sun has gone off.

Those born in the Winter are active for a shorter time each day, even in Summer, and they tend to slow down before dusk.

Moods are similarly effected. If you were born in the Winter, you tend to be more negative than those born in the Summer.

Richard Allinson
Talking on Radio 2 this morning

I have several comments on this:

  • I don’t do sport.
  • I like being grumpy.
  • I was born in December.

Bye for now… 😀

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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