Website Statistics for July

So slightly late again, but here are the website statistics for July 2010.

In July 2010, there were 744 unique visitors. The total number of visits was 2765, an average of 3.71 visits per visitor.

Days of the Month

The average number of visitors per day was 89.19.

In first place, with 128 visits, is July 18.

The day with the lowest number of visits was July 5, with 59 visits – there were no articles published on this day, hence the 404 Error Page you get when you click the link.

The full graph is available as a .xls document.

International Hits

In July 2010, this website received hits from 61 different countries.

The top 5 were the UK, Ireland, the USA, Russia and Canada.

The bottom 5 were Peru, Slovak Republic, the UAE, Nigeria and Argentina.

Most Viewed

In July 2010, the top 10 most viewed pages were:

  1. RSS Feed
  2. German RSS Feed
  3. Home
  4. Greek RSS Feed
  5. Comments and Discussions
  6. Blog Post: The Upgrade to DAB Digital Radio
  7. Blog Post: Malcolm Laycock Quits Radio 2
  8. Blog Post: Concorde’s Last Flight
  9. Blog Post: A Very Successful Radio Broadcast
  10. Blog Post: Recordings of My Shows

Search Terms

The top 10 search terms which resulted in a hit to the site for July 2010 were:

  1. Concorde’s Last Flight Narrator
  2. Fred Hart
  3. S2Blue
  4. Mo Dutta
  5. BBC Sussex Jingles
  6. DAB Digital Radio
  7. Corinium
  8. Mcasso Packages
  9. Zorbas Restaurant Telendos
  10. Mo Dutta Axed

That’s it for this month – August’s statistics will be released on September 1.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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