Website Statistics for February

The 3rd month of the year has started and the website statistics for February are now available.

There were a total of 474 unique visitors, who visited a total of 2188 times (an average of 4.61 visits per visitor).

Days of the Month

The average number of visitors per day was 78.14. The highest figure of 134 was achieved on February 14th and the lowest figure of 53 was achieved on February 3rd.

To see the full graph, please click here (.xlsx document).

International Hits

The website recieved hits from 44 countries accross the world. The top 5 countries were the UK, Ireland, Russia, the USA and Germany.

The bottom 5 countries were Nepal, Greece, Australia, Malaysia and (in last place), Croatia.

Most Viewed

The top 10 most viewed pages in February 2010 were:

Search Terms

The top 10 search terms which resulted in a hit to the site were:

  • John Rockley leaving Radio Gloucestershire
  • Fred Hart
  • Computer keyboard
  • Fred Hart Elvis
  • Desmond Carrington schedule change
  • Computer Keyboard Picture
  • Mo Dutta
  • Fred Hart Blog
  • Which days did it snow Gloucester 2010

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