Website Statistics for January

Impressive website statistics for the first month in 2009. I had a total of 91 unique visitors who throughout January visited a total of 422 times, meaning each visitor visited an average of 4.63 times.


When we look at the break down for each day, I can see that the number of unique visitors hasn’t dropped below 15 since I installed WordPress on January 22nd. The highest number of unique visitors last month was 31, on January 29th. The lowest was 2, on January 9th. To see the graph for yourself, please click here.

International Hits

I can see that I’m not getting as many international hits as previously. The majority of my hits in January came from the UK (a total of 19609). South Korea and Japan are the lowest, with the site getting a total of 3 hits from each. To see the full details, click here.

Most Viewed

The 5 most viewed pages were:

  • Home page
  • RSS feed
  • Forum
  • Corinium Radio
  • Contact

98.2% of visitors to this site were using a Windows operating system.

Internet Browsers

90.2% of visitors were using Mozilla Firefox, 4.4% using Microsoft Internet Explorer, 2.5% using Safari and 0.9% using Chrome. The remaining visitors were using an unknown Internet browser.

Search Terms

The top 5 terms used in search engines to find this site were:

  • Fred Hart
  • Fred-Hart
  • Fred T Hart
  • Corinium Radio

Leave your comments below – what could I do to improve the site? Or post them to the forum.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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