Today was my last day in Germany – and I spent it mostly in the car. There isn’t too much to report today. I didn’t take any photos so I’ve used a stock photo for today’s blog.

Checking out of my hotel in Wilster at about 10:30, I got on the road perhaps slightly later than I would have liked, but nothing to worry about.

Filling up with petrol (the cheapest I’ve seen in Germany this fortnight), I took the A23 to get down Hamburg in no time, and joined the A7. Hamburg itself, always a bottleneck, was busy but moving (stop-start through the Elbtunnel).

From there I cut across on to the A1 which I followed for about 250-300 km – then it was just a case of following the signs to Venlo to cross the border in to the Netherlands.

The A1 was stop start in places this afternoon. The Friday afternoon rush hour was in full swing. The worst bit was going past Bremen. Local radio (NDR 1 Niedersachsen) travel news said it was an 11km/6 mile Stau (traffic jam) which would take a good half hour – actually I think it was more like 40-45 minutes.

Eventually, shortly before 5, I crossed the border in to the Netherlands and turned off the motorway to go in to Venlo. I’ve shot past Venlo at speed multiple times, but wanted to see what the city is like. It’s a small city – most things in the centre are within walking distance.

I ate dinner in the city centre and walked back to my hotel – going via the Zomerparkfeest (summer park festival) with a large stage and live music playing. It’s free and runs for 4 days this weekend. It’s a bit like a Dutch version of Cirencester’s Phoenix Festival.

So that’s Germany done!

2 nights in the Netherlands now – one night here in Venlo – tomorrow an easier day, just a 2 hour drive to get to Zierikzee on the Dutch coast – and then back to Gloucestershire on Sunday.

In Dutch now – Goede Nacht.


Today’s Mileage: 297.7
Accumulative Mileage: 2273.1