We awoke to a sunny Copenhagen this morning. We left the hotel early – deciding to have breakfast in the city instead of at the hotel.

Walking along to the Nyhavn area, we settled on a caf├ę for breakfast: I had bacon and egg with bread and jam. After breakfast we walked through the park for quite some time before making our way to Amalienborg Palace to watch the Changing of the Guards.

We had planned to climb the tower at Christianborg Palace but there was quite a queue when we arrived, so we changed our minds – we’d had quite a long morning in Copenhagen, wandering the city streets – and will probably want to come back for a longer visit another time anyway.

I quite liked Copenhagen but (excluding the wedding on Saturday) it was the first time since Boulogne and Antwerp that I was conscious of English being spoken by others. I heard a lot of American accents!

Leaving Copenhagen (and stopping for petrol on the way – 502 kr), our next stop was Sweden. Copenhagen Airport is pretty much the last exit in Denmark before you start crossing on the ├śresundsbron (the Bridge)! It’s actually a tunnel for the first 4km (2.5 miles), before you emerge on to the bridge which is 8km (5 miles) long.

It’s quite expensive to cross (390 DKK or 460 SEK or ÔéČ54) which is why tomorrow we’re getting the ferry to Germany, instead of coming back across the bridge.

Our first stop in Sweden was at Malm├ where there is a castle and several museums within the castle – including an aquarium most: but didn’t stand too close to the tanks containing the snakes.

Then we set the sat nav for Glemminge, the small village not far from Ystad where we are staying tonight – we’re in a small B&B. Strangely there was no one about but there was a note, written entirely in Swedish, saying “welcome, please make yourselves feel at home” and a list of which room everyone had been allocated to. So – we found our room.

Before long we decided to head for the beach. We’d seen parking for the beach between Glemminge and Ystad so we went there to see what it was like. With no clouds in the sky it was very hot this afternoon so perfect beach weather!

This evening for dinner we drove in to Ystad itself and parked near the marina. At one point I was in the wrong lane and nearly got on a ferry to Poland. I realised before the traffic lights changed. There was a fish and chip shop on the beach so for 105 kr each we had fish and chips. Not sure what type of fish they use here but it was very good!

Tomorrow in the afternoon we’ll be getting the ferry from nearby Trelleborg to Rostock in the old East Germany. It’s a long crossing – departure at 14:30, arrival 21:00. Must remember to get on the right ferry, if I end up on the wrong one I could end up in either Poland or Lithuania.

Before I go to bed I’ve signed in to my Amazon Prime account and, seeing as I’m in the Ystad district, I’m going to watch Wallander.

In Swedish this time: God natt (Isn’t that the same as the Norwegian!?)


Today’s Mileage: 104.1
Accumulative Mileage: 1731.6