As I left Norway it felt like the end of the holiday, saying goodbye to everyone after the wedding yesterday. But I mustn’t forget that the journey home is going to take another week, so my holiday is only half way through.

We got up early which meant we could all leave the house together – I dropped Mum and Dad at the hotel where the rest of the family were staying so they could leave their stuff there for the day, and then we all went to the beach opposite the hotel (see picture above) before leaving to board the ferry – the port being less than 10 minutes drive away. Until Thursday, I’m not travelling alone but my sister is with me taking charge of everything.

It was windy today, which meant the ferries were running late. The 13:30 departure became a 14:10 departure. I could feel the wind for the first half hour or so after leaving the ferry at Hirtshals in Northern Denmark, it was quite difficult to drive with a strong cross-wind in such a flat landscape.

It was around 8 when we arrived at our overnight stop in Odense, the 3rd largest city in Denmark and the largest city on the island of Funen (Fyn). We’re in a self catering B&B tonight, a small apartment with easy access to the city centre.

After dinner near to the city centre we went for a walk in the old town, and then returned to our apartment.

Tomorrow, after a visit to Egeskov castle, a half hour drive outside the city, we’re off to the Danish capital.

Copenhagen will become just the 4th capital city I’ve driven in to (Berlin, Amsterdam and London being the others – although admittedly in Amsterdam I’ve never driven in to the centre) – but it shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ve driven in to other European cities┬áplenty of times before (Mainz, Cologne, Bruges and Antwerp would be the biggest apart from national capitals).

I’m off to bed now, so (in Danish this time): Godnat.


Today’s Mileage: 203.9
Accumulative Mileage: 1487.4