Train to Athens

When I awoke this morning it was still dark – sunrise in Greece at this time of year is not until after 07:30. It wasn’t long though until the first daylight revealed clearer skies than yesterday and the Sun started to shine.

It was a releaf to me that the storms of Saturday would not last in to Sunday. Yes, there were still clouds around and some of them looking ominously grey. Thankfully the rain held off and Halkida was treated to a lovely burst of morning Sun.

After breakfast I headed out of the hotel to find the Castle of Halkida. The Karababa Castle dates back to 1860 and is located on the hillside, on the mainland (Viotia) side of the bay, overlooking Halkida. I must admit, with all the trees in the way, I had a better view from my hotel room!

I returned to the hotel via the beach (only for photos – not quite the weather for swimming I decided. By this time the Sun had gone in again). Back in the hotel,the Sun re-emerged from behind the big grey cloud. I sat on the balcony for a bit, finishing off the drinks I had stocked in the mini fridge in the room, and eating the last of the crisps I’d bought the other day.

Soon after I gathered by things together, paid my bill and checked out. Before leaving for Athens, I made my way to the waterfront, near the Kokkino Spiti (Red House) and sat on a bench, reading my book. WIth no rain and the Sun shining, Halkida felt more alive than it had done the last couple of days: People were sitting outside (most still in coats or fleeces).

Then I haded back to the hotel to collect my luggage, and made my way to the railway station. Next stop: Athens.

More later.