Lefkada Town

This morning after breakfast we took the bus from Lygia in to Lefkada/Λευκάδα, the main town on the island near the bridge which connects the island to the mainland.

The bus was packed (standing room only) so we’ve decided a taxi would be better next time!

On arrival in Lefkada, we walked along the water front up towards the Archaeological Museum. Once we turned the corner to face the other coast it was noticably windier – the West of the island is more exposed than the East which faces the mainland.

We continued walking on the road heading out of Lefkada to Ag. Ioannis/Αγ. Ιωάννης beach. It was almost like an English beach with wind and large waves. Not a beach for swimming as we could sort of see rocks where the waves were breaking.

We had lunch in a taverna next to the beach and then sunbathed for a couple of hours. It was nice to hear the waves. You know you’re at the beach when you can hear the waves breaking!

Later, we returned to Lefkada itself and to reward ourselves after the long walk we had ice creams and then walked through the pedestrianised shopping district towards the taxi rank.

We returned to Lygia by taxi – only €0.40 more expensive than the bus and much more comfortable!

We headed straight for the swimming pool to cool off. In the evening we decided to eat at the apartment – the daily special at the bar was pasta bake (not very Greek I must admit, probably the Australian influence) which was tasty – Dad had fresh fish.

Tomorrow after breakfast Corrie and I are leaving Mum and Dad behind on the island in Lygia, while we head off to Athens for the weekend.

Off to bed now… Καληνύχτα.