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Kini, Lottos and Finikas

By , August 10, 2015 11:25
Kini Beach - Παραλία Κινίου

Kini Beach – Παραλία Κινίου

Yesterday was our last day with the car. We headed back to the village of Kini where we spent the morning on the beach there.

Kini Beach is almost like an English beach with bigger waves than elsewhere on the island – it was quite fun getting in and out (I did get splashed a few times)!

Just behind the beach of Kini is a small aquarium – it costs €2 to go and have a look around. Nothing too spectacular, but it was interesting to have a look and see what type of fish (and eels) live in the local waters.

We had lunch at a nearby taverna, before walking to the nearby beach of Lottos (Λωτός). Slightly outside the main village, it is a bit quieter than Kini but a bit rockier as well. I quite enjoyed having a nice long swim here then lying under the tree for a bit.

To Limanaki, Finikas - Το Λιμανάκι, Φοίνικας

To Limanaki, Finikas – Το Λιμανάκι, Φοίνικας

In the evening, for a change of scene, we got the bus along to Finikas (Φοίνικας). There is a wider selection of restaurants and tavernas in Finikas so we thought we’d give one of them a try. Near where the boats are moored, there was a nice looking place called “Το Λιμανάκι” (Little Harbor).

It perhaps wasn’t the best place we ate at, but it was nice to do something different for a change, and we enjoyed our starter of the Gigantes beans. My pork with honey and thyme wasn’t bad at all either, it was almost like Sunday lunch!

Today is our last full day on the island, and a day by the pool and the beach wouldn’t be a bad idea I think. At some point I need to go in to Ermoupoli too, to collect the tickets for our ferry to Athens in time for our departure tomorrow.

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