De Panne to Overloon

The route to Overloon, in the Netherlands, takes me round the Antwerp Ring before crossing in to the Dutch province of North Brabant.

00:00:00 WEST-VLAANDEREN: Departure from De Panne
00:01:25 First traffic jam of the day!
00:02:53 Taking a shortcut to avoid the traffic
00:04:38 National Road N34
00:06:18 Adinkerke
00:09:47 Autosnelweg A18
00:30:07 Autosnelweg A10
01:00:01 Autosnelweg A14
01:28:26 ANTWERPEN
01:37:35 Antwerp Ring R1
01:39:20 Kennedy Tunnel
01:48:23 Autosnelweg A13
01:52:50 Ranst Services
01:54:41 Rejoining the A13
01:56:02 Autosnelweg A21

02:25:00 NOORD-BRABANT: Rijksweg A67
02:49:04 Leaving the motorway near Asten
02:54:14 Deurne
02:58:33 Provinciale Weg N270
03:05:55 Provinciale Weg N277
03:19:42 Overloon
03:21:25 Arrival at Overloon War Museum