Zeebrugge to Ramskapelle (17/12/2017)

I checked out of the hotel in the morning and drove out of the hotel complex – I parked on the street opposite and went to visit the Seafront Museum by the harbour. Then I drove to the village of Ramskapelle to visit the For Freedom Museum. My sat nav did get me a little lost, as there were some roads now closed which my sat nav still thinks are there…

Video Timings

00:00:00 Departure from the hotel
00:02:24 Parking near the museum
00:02:54 Departure from Zeebrugge
00:06:00 National Road N34
00:07:47 Stupid changes in road layout confused the sat nav!
00:09:15 Knokke-Heist
00:09:44 National Road N300
00:13:40 Arrival in Ramskapelle