Calais to Zeebrugge (16/12/2017)

The week before Christmas I went to Belgium/the Netherlands for a weekend away, staying in Zeebrugge for a few nights. This dashcam video shows my journey to Zeebrugge after leaving the ferry shortly after midnight on the morning of 16. December.


00:00:00 Disembarkation from the ferry

00:01:00 PAS-DE-CALAIS
00:10:06 Autoroute A16
00:20:12 NORD

00:41:45 WEST-VLAANDEREN: Autosnelweg A18
01:04:26 Autosnelweg A10
01:08:26 Exiting the motorway
01:12:47 National Road N31 (Brugge-Zeebrugge Expressway)
01:20:04 Autosnelweg A11
01:23:41 Exiting the motorway – final few miles to my room!
01:29:10 Waiting at the level crossing for a very slow train
01:31:52 On the move again (hooray)!
01:39:44 Zeebrugge
01:41:12 Arrival at my apartment