KiniFor three days while we were on Syros we rented a car. Being a small island, three days is enough to get to some of the places less accessible by bus.

Kini (螝委谓喂) – whilst is served by the busses – is however off the main bus route, so more difficult to get to. Going by car allowed us to visit at a time more convenient to us.

We arrived at about 11:30, and at this time of the morning it was very quiet and there was plenty of space to park. By 12:30, the Greeks had all come out to the beach for the day and the car parks were full!

Kini is another small village on the West coast of Syros – located to the North of Galissas. There is a very nice beach, which was a little bit like and English beach: it had waves! There was in fact at one stage a group of Greek boys surfing there.

Arriving before the beach started to fill up, we found some shade in the corner, next to a bench – I sat there for hours reading my book. It didn’t take long before we weren’t the only ones in the shade: Although Kini can’t be called crowded at all, if you are going to sit in the shade you must expect for others to do the same before too long.

If you prefer a beach without too many people, Lotos Beach, just up the road and within walking distance from the main beach, is often deserted thanks to the fact that there are no tavernas/bars behind it. We, however, stayed at Kini for a bit.

Coastal FootpathAfter having lunch (we’d packed a picnic lunch before leaving Galissas), Mum and I decided that we would walk along the coastal path towards Delfini Beach (螤伪蟻伪位委伪 螖蔚位蠁委谓喂).

Its not far – but the coastal footpath is on the edge of a mountain (photo on the right)… Try not to fall – its a long way down!

The walk takes about 30-40 minutes, and you’ll probably be wanting a swim when you reach Delfini Beach at the other end.

Delfini Beach

Delfini BeachDelfini Beach is in fact the last beach which can be accesed by car – for beaches further North you need to get a boat from Kini (I’ll write about that in a future blog). The road from Kini to Delfini Beach is only a dirt track – but in places is wider than the main roads on Syros!

The beach itself is quiet (it does have sunbeds but you wouldn’t know that they’re there unless you’re right next to them). I’d perhaps suggest that the end without the sunbeds is the best end – its sandier (and quieter)!

Road from Delfini BeachWe stopped at Delfini Beach for a quick swim, we dried off, then returned to Kini (via the road this time) where we met Dad and Corrie and drove back to Galissas.

I did like Delfini Beach – and if we’d have had the car for longer, then I would have liked to go back there, as Dad and Corrie would have liked it.

Tomorrow, I will write about Vari, Komito, Agkathopes and Poseidonia.

View Map Showing Location of Kini On Syros