Made it home shortly before 22:00. It took 1 year to plan my road trip to Norway and now it is all over.

I had a great breakfast at the B&B this morning, and left shortly after to get on the road. Before heading for Calais I drove 20 minutes up the road to Renesse for a last walk on the beach.

The journey to Calais from Schouwen-Duiveland is quite straight forward – I can do it without sat nav now – I just head for the Western Scheld toll tunnel, shortly after I cross in to Belgium and then I just head to the motorway (either via Ghent or via Zeebrugge – I went via Zeebrugge today) then follow signs for Calais.

It does take time though – I did it today in just under 4 hours. Got to Calais in good time, checked in, and boarded the ferry. 90 minutes later I was on the road, heading for home (via a quick 15 minute stop at Grandma’s care home). Relatively clear run barring a little traffic on the M20 and M25.

This just about rounds off my travels for the year – only got 1.5 days left to use between now and December – not enough time for another long road trip but Northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands are in range if I want a long weekend towards the end of the year – as is most of the UK.

Next year: Greece – 3 weeks, at the end of May, beginning of June – travelling down through Bavaria and in to Austria, then through Italy to take the ferry from Venice. Better start saving.

Work tomorrow, and I’m still working an hour ahead (it’s 00:28 on the continent).

Good night.


Today’s Mileage: 384.8
Final Trip Mileage: 2788.9