Sunset from Lykavittos

After returning from Glyfada and leaving our beach stuff back at the hotel, we left almost straight away for Mt. Lykavittos/Λυκαβηττός.

Lykavittos is the highest point in Athens, with views across all the city and down to the sea. We left the Underground at Syntagma/Σύνταγμα and walked through the Kolonaki/Κολωνάκι district, going up Ploutarchou/Πλουτάρχου Street until we reached the cable car which goes up the mountain.

The cable car is entirely in tunnel and when you get to the top you’ll find the café, a restaurant, the chapel and of course the views.

The main viewpoint looking West towards the Sunset was absolutely packed with tourists all wanting to get the last bit of Sun of the day. Just after 20:17 the Sun dipped behind the mountain and there was a round of applause from the gathered crowds.

Things started to get a bit quieter from this point as people made their way back down. After taking photos from the top over the city we started to make our way down, watching as the streets of Athens below lit up in the fading light.

Back at the bottom we emerged just a short distance from the University, Library and Academy and we walked towards the Plaka/Πλάκα district. We ate at the Giouvetsakia/Γιουβετσάκια Taverna on the pedestrianised Adrianou Street and both enjoyed their speciality – Giouvetsi.

After dinner we took a quick walk along Adrianou Str. and then as shops started shutting we made our way towards Ermou Str. up to Syntagma and got the train back to our hotel near Metaxourghio.

Tomorrow we’ll spend the morning in Athens, then just after lunch our coach will leave to take us back to Lefkada.

Good night.