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By , August 5, 2015 08:22
Leaving Tinos

Leaving Tinos

Having to take 2 ferries to get from Tinos to Syros could so easily have gone wrong, but we made it! We first took the Golden Star “Superferry II” from Tinos to Mykonos. Then, we walked straight on to the next ferry, “Blue Star 2” – much bigger and smarter than the Golden Star service.

Superferry II as seen from Blue Star 2.

Superferry II as seen from Blue Star 2.

Despite being the island next door, because this summer the service from Tinos to Syros is not daily, it took us 4 hours from leaving our apartment in Tinos to arriving at our apartment on Syros. The journey wasn’t as bad as it sounds though. There is a lot more room on a big ferry than there is on a plane, and you can sit outside in the fresh air.

On arrival in Syros, Giannis met us and took us in his minibus to Galissas. We are staying at Galissas Studios – in the same apartment we had when we were here 2 years ago, and just down the road from where I stayed when I was here on my own last year.

The cat knows exactly where the fridge is...

The cat knows exactly where the fridge is…

At Galissas Studios this week we have a pool – something we lacked on Tinos. In Galissas itself there are a few tavernas, 2 mini markets, and a very nice beach. Not long after we had arrived in our room, we were also greeted by the very same cat which we fed here 2 years ago. I think she gets fed a lot – she certainly was not scared to walk straight in to the apartment and sit right in front of the fridge.

Today, we will probably stay in Galissas, sit at the pool and go to the beach. Perhaps on Thursday we will go in to Ermoupoli, Syros’ capital, and then on Friday and over the weekend we’ll have a car for a few days.

Breakfast time now, I think…


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