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Yesterday was my last day on my own in Greece. As I write this morning, Mum, Dad and Corrie have already taken off from Gatwick (I’m watching the LGW departure boards online), and will arrive at the Airport on the other side of the bay in just over two hours’ time.

I spent much of yesterday afternoon learning a bit about Greek radio, with a visit to the studios of Radio Thessaloniki (Ράδιο Θεσσαλονίκη), based just outside Neo Risio (Νέο Ρύσιο), overlooking the motorway down to Halkidiki (Χαλκιδική).

I took the #8 bus from Aristotelous, changed at Α.Σ. ΙΚΕΑ, from where I was able to take the #87 Neo Risio – Souroti – Vassilika route to the studios.

In the Radio Thessaloniki studio.

In the Radio Thessaloniki studio.

On arrival I was greeted by the station’s secretary and introdued to newsreader/journalist Dimitris and technician/producer Pavlos. During the ad break at the top of the hour I was able to go in to the studio, and I sat in on the second hour of their afternoon sports show. I couldn’t understand every word, but I could work out they were talking about football, basketball and touched a little I think on handball.

The 4pm news marked the end of that programme; but I was invited to stay for longer and sit in on the show presented by Κατερίνα Χέλμη. Her show had more music content in it giving us time to talk while the mic was switched off, so I sat in on that for almost 90 minutes, and we talked a little about the differences between Greek and UK radio, and about my studies at uni in the UK. My Greek wasn’t good enough to do the whole thing in Greek, but I tried my best! It felt a bit strange having the studio setup explained to me in Greek. I’ve learned a few new words from that.

I returned to the city centre and in the evening I headed for a pizza at one of the restaurants on the sea front, not far from the White Tower.

I’m off to quickly do the White Tower Museum now, then I’m off to get my stuff and get the bus to the Airport, ready to meet my family in the Arrivals hall when they land at 11:10. Then we’re off to Thassos!

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