Aερολιμένας Λάρνακας to Hotel Opera, Λάρνακα

On arrival at Larnaca I picked up my car and drove to my first overnight stop at the Hotel Opera, opposite the Church of St. Lazarus. I have never been to Cyprus before and this was my first time renting a car! It is easier than renting elsewhere, since in Cyprus they drive on the left. It felt a bit weird, being abroad but on the left.

Video Timings

00:00:00 Departure from Larnaca International Airport
00:03:11 Quick pit stop at the petrol station
00:04:54 Main Road – B4
00:10:21 Larnaca
00:12:15 Off in to Larnaca’s one-way system!
00:17:45 Arrival at Hotel Opera, Larnaca