Shorter Walk Than Planned

Happy Friday! It’s my last morning in Cornwall, and I won’t do a walk today as originally planned. The Sun is shining and I feel like going to the beach.

Yesterday I drove up to the Roseland Peninsula. Although just a mile from Falmouth, because of the river mouth it is 30 miles by road. Unfortunately the public transport links don’t quite link up with where I need them to in this part of Cornwall, compared to down on the Lizard or further towards Land’s End – more careful planning of walks needed in future.

I parked at Portloe which was a lovely looking village. Had to wait an hour for the bus – so I picked a bench on the clifftop looking down over the village and sat reading my book.

Once the bus came it was 2 busses I had to take – one to Tregony and one from there on to St Mawes. Almost 4 years ago I remember asking my best friend Anne-Marie where here reccomendations in Cornwall were, and St Mawes was one of them – a place I am told she loves. I remembered this ever since but it has taken me this long to get there.

I love St Mawes too now. Next time I go to Cornwall to pick up the coastal path, I am thinking of staying in St Mawes.

I had a browse in a couple of tourist shops, got myself an ice cream, and then realised the tide was so low (spring tide) that the little Place Ferry which goes back and forth between St Mawes and Place, where the coastal footpath continues around St Anthony Head. This meant I had to wait for the tide to come in before I could get going. The result was that I didn’t start my walk at all before 16:35.

Conscious that time was closing in, I decided I would continue the walk but identified somewhere I could bail out if it got too dark to carry on. The walk round St Anthony Head was relatively easy, but I spent most of the walk wondering how on eath I’d get back to the car if I had to bail out; I’d miss the last bus back.

Some time after 7pm I arrived at the small village of Portscatho. It looked lovely! It was here that I made the decision I would cut the walk short and not continue to Portloe – it would take another 2 hours but would be dark within an hour. I managed to get a taxi back to the car at Portloe – and decided I would continue the walk to Portloe next time.

But I still had quite an enjoyable walk and covered a reasonable amount of distance. Next time I come to Cornwall I think I will make my walks a little shorter so I have more time to do some sight seeing as well as just walking!


Distance Walked Today: 11.25km (6.99 miles)
Distance Walked This Week: 25.36km (23.96 miles)
Total Coast Path Walk (since January 2022): 161.61km (108.63 miles)

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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