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Current Location: BurgosProvince of BurgosRegion of Castilla y León – Spain

Réjaumont to Burgos

A new country today – one which I haven’t been to since I was very young (I don’t really remember that). A 3 hour drive from the Gers and I crossed the border in to España (Spain). Most of my driving on the French side of the border today was not on the motorway; I went cross country from Fleurance and didn’t get on the motorway until I was within touching distance of the border.

The short stretch of French motorway I was on today was noticably busier than the rest of France. Truck, after truck, after truck, all heading South and nearly all on Spanish plates. Could tell it was the main route in to Spain!

The Sun came out as I got closer to the coast and it was extremely hot by the time I stopped for lunch. I stopped for lunch in Hondarribia, right on the French border – it is on the mouth of the river which forms the border. (The French town and beach at Hendaye on the other side).

Immediately after crossing the border things felt different: The road markings and signage were different. It felt like I had travelled. A whole new set of road signs to get used to!

From there it was another 2 and a half hours of driving to get to Burgos for tonight’s stop. The first half of that was very mountainous; not the Pyrenees (they’re further to the East – though I could see them) but the Basque Mountains.

Some things to note about driving in Spain: Speed limits are lower than in France – it is 120 here, rather than 130. It is surprising how much more relaxing it feels going 10km/h slower! With the motorway winding its way through the mountains (and going through all those tunnels too), I wouldn’t have wanted to do 130 anyway.

Don’t get me started on Spanish motorway sliproads…..they’re absolutely awful! They are rather short particularly on motorways which are upgraded from the roads which existed before they became motorways (does that make sense?) which does mean you might have to stop and give way on the slip road before joining the motorway. Spanish drivers won’t give way to allow you to merge.

There also seems to be more tailgating going on in Spain….particularly when in the middle of overtaking 20 or so lorries at a time. The Spanish seem to drive more aggressively than the French and they’re impatient (in that sense Spanish drivers are a bit like the Italians).

Tomorrow I’m off to Badajoz – another long drive – but then I will be extremely close to the Portuguese border.

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Today’s Mileage: 314
Total Mileage: 933

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