Le Tréport: Final Night in France

Well I am now safely home – hooray!

I got home in time for Sunday dinner after driving back through all four seasons. I stayed last night in Le Tréport and it snowed a bit overnight. Only lightly. Further towards Calais it was a little heavier. In Calais itself there was nothing.

I left my self-catering apartment in Le Tréport at around 10 and drove down in to the town centre. A lovely little coastal town in the Seine-Maritime area of Normandie, on the border with the Somme region – which prior to this week had been the furthest South in France I had ever been.

I walked along the seafront and also found a little patisserie to take some French goodies back to the office. Hopefully it will last until I’m next in the office (tomorrow) – working from home today!

I didn’t stay long but would love to see more of Le Tréport and the wider Normandie region. In fact I’d love to spend more time in France – Brittany would be worth a visit I think.

I’m not that far from Le Havre which is where ferries come in from Portsmouth, and Newhaven has a regular service to Dieppe which isn’t too far away. Cuts out the busier roads around Calais, the only part of France which has motorways anywhere near as busy as the M4 or M25 (apart from Paris). Both Newhaven and Portsmouth are easier to get to from home than Dover is, so that is something to note for my next European trip, which may well see me driving over to visit my cousin in Portugal.

Photos below taken 1) on the way to Calais (at one of those automatic petrol stations next to the toll station) and 2) on departure from Calais.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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