I’ve been doing some German baking today, and found something which satisfies my sweet tooth without being too complicated.

I found a recipe for Schoko-Zwirlbrot on the Austrian website “Backen mit Christina“, a website full of interesting recipes to try.

Before baking I translated the recipe from German to English – a challenge in itself but then I had to figure out what some of the ingredients were.

Weizenmehl (wheat flour) is easy enough but what on earth is type 700? This, it seems, is a way of classifying the flour – the number refers to the ash content, so I’ve heard. The higher the number the stronger the flour. And to make it even more confusing, the Austrian way is actually different to the German way, which is different from the French and Italian numbering system. Weizenmehl 700 is basically plain flour. In Germany it’ll be numbered as 550, in France as 55, and in Italy as 0.

A full list of the different types of flours can be found at

Simpler was translating Frischkäse in to something I could use…. The translation is literally “Fresh cheese” but what on earth do they mean!?

It actually means cream cheese and Philadelphia cheese does the trick.

As for Nougatcreme? Chocolate spread, basically. I used Nutella.

So then time to start baking. I mixed flour, sugar, salt, an egg, milk, baking powder and philadelphia to form a dough. I rolled it out, spread the chocolate over the top, then rolled it up in to a sausage.

Then I cut the rolled up dough in half, twisted the two halves together and put in to a loaf tin.

Before putting it in the oven I used an egg wash over the top, and baked at 170 for 50 minutes.

The result tasted good – and looked good – but it did fall apart when I took it out of the tin. Otherwise, not a bad effort.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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