2 Nights Out in 1 Week

Shock! Horror! Not only did I go out once this week – I went out twice! For someone who very rarely goes out socialising, this is very rare.

This is my first blogpost since returning from Germany. I’ve been quite busy. Must try and post more often though.

On Tuesday after work I drove to Abergavenny, after getting tickets to see The Tim Vine Chat Show being recorded for BBC Radio 4 at the Borough Theatre.

It was a great evening – especially when you consider that tickets for such recordings are free. I only just made it, arriving in Abergavenny after the long drive from work just as the doors opened.

Some very brave audience members volunteered to be interviewed – always dangerous when attending comedy things – and gave everyone a great laugh.

The finished programme will be broadcast in September – I imagine the 90 minute recording will be edited down to 30 minutes. So glad I’m not the producer, having to make the decisions on what to include, what to chop out.

After the recording I went for a curry – at the Bayleaf restaurant just round the corner from the theatre. Other customers who had finished their meals had left, leaving me on my own in this rather small restaurant. Then who should turn up, but star of the show and the BBC production team!?!

For one night out, I spent more time driving than I did in Abergavenny itself – 2 hours there, 2.5 hours back – but it was worth it, even if getting up for work on Wednesday morning was a little challenging.

This was the second comedy event I’ve been to recently – last month we went to see Jasper Carrott at the Malvern Theatre who was great: Not always entirely politically correct, a type of comedy we need more of on TV these days!

My second night out this week came on Thursday – my Greek teacher had booked a table so that all her students could come together for a Greek meal. We ate at the Greek on the Docks restaurant in the centre of Gloucester. We were a large group of 23! I went for keftedes (meat balls) as a starter, then stifado (a sort of beef & onion stew) as the main course. Both very nice and not too heavy either – most of the time if I go out to a restaurant and eat more than 1 course I end up full very quickly!

After all that Greek food I’m ready to visit Greece itself. Just 7 working days left before I go on this year’s Greek holiday in Skopelos (hooray)!

Bye for now.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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