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September is a brilliant month. The weather over the last few days has been quite nice. We’ve had some sunshine!

It has not been enough to match the weather I had in Greece… but still, it wasn’t too bad.


My Aunt and Uncle were over from the US this weekend, so on Friday/Saturday night I stayed at my grandmother’s house near Worcester, and we went out to the pub for a meal on Saturday evening.

I spent Saturday morning in the kitchen – I baked some scones, which we served later in the afternoon with cream and Dad’s home made damson gin jam.

With my sister’s 18th taking place in the middle of this week, I may do a bit more baking on Wednesday. I just need to decide what to make.

The great thing about baking is that I can do it while listening to the radio. In other words, I can multi-task!

In other news: I got a new mobile phone this week. My old phone – which before I had it was Mum’s old phone – broke last weekend. And instead of take Mum’s current phone when her contract expires in a few weeks, I took this as an opportunity to get myself a decent phone of my own.

So I now have a Windows Phone. A Nokia Lumia 630. It’s the first phone I’ve had which is capable of doing Apps properly. I can tweet from my phone now (hooray); I can listen to the radio on it – either on FM, or online; I can send/recieve e-mails in it; and I can type in the Greek alphabet in it (previously only something I could do on my computer).

I’ve synced my contacts with Facebook and Twitter, and it does now sort of look like I have David Cameron in my phone contacts. And Nick Robinson. And Terry Wogan. Might keep it that way…

I’ve got the same number as before… and because my phone does more than just make phone calls, it might be switched on more than my old one – if I remember to keep it charged up. The battery doesn’t seem to last more than a couple of days. And if I switch it off at night, the morning alarm doesn’t go off.

Stupid machine!

Bye for now,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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