Scary Realisation

In the car on the way back from my Greek lesson last night, I realised that I have just 6 nights left at home in Cirencester before my trip to Greece. One of those nights was last night, so as I write this afternoon, just 5 remain.

This is partly due to our family trip to Wales next weekend – I will be with my family… I just won’t be in Cirencester.

The other weekend I have left with my family is the weekend I’m going to London for a tour of the Houses of Parliament.

This all means that the need to start packing for Greece is now more urgent than I thought it was.

It also means that, with 1 month to go before I move out of my Cheltenham residence, I’ve thought it best to bring my TV in to Cheltenham; It just sits gathering dust at home, unused, more so now the desktop computer I use it with is now almost dead. So it’ll be more use in Cheltenham.

I’ve bought my collection of foreign DVDs in to Cheltenham too, because in the last week I’ve watched about one a day. Mostly while half asleep on the sofa. (Just having a siesta – preparation for Greece. At least that’s what I’ve told everyone else).

Why the sudden change?

Well… Now uni has finished, I don’t feel guilty about being lazy.

There’s no need to pretend I’m doing something useful.

The ‘office’ setup in my room has gone now. My desk is now a bedside table – to make my glass of water more accessible at night, and to put my desk lamp on so I can read without leaving my bed. I haven’t used my desk as an actual desk since I learned how to use the sitting room in about mid-October. (The award for the oldest item on my desk, full of junk until Wednesday night: A Tesco reciept dated 8th October).

I seem to remember this time last year I’d been out of my previous student house for over a month. Will (the guy who I learn Greek with) had just finished redecorating our front room and kitchen. The cats and I were snake-hunting in the garden.

This year is different somehow. I’m hanging on in Cheltenham until the very last minute. Haven’t a clue why, other than that I’ve grown rather attached to life at this house. Yet six months ago, when I booked my Greece trip in early January, I hadn’t envisaged being in Cheltenham this late in the year.

The first of my housemates moves out this weekend. That’ll be weird. I’m usually the first to leave! I’m going to do a bit of baking later. Or rather… I’m going to do some baking now. It’s almost 4. I hadn’t realised the time until I looked up a minute ago.

Bye for now…


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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