Merry Christmas, Everyone

Boxing Day has arrived – the Turkey has been eaten, and there is still lots of cheese left over. (I’ll have the smoked Applewood please).

251220131411So does this mean the Christmas songs have to stop? Well… Not quite yet. For me at least. There are 12 days of Christmas. I therefore declare it acceptable to listen to Christmas songs until 12th Night (January 6th).

We had Christmas Day at Granny’s house this year. I woke up, listening to Dianne Louise Jordan presenting a very interesting programme about Christmas carols. Then we had home made chocolate croissants for breakfast (I baked them at the weekend), and whilst listening to Ed Stewart’s Junior Choice I baked a loaf of bread which we had for lunch.

I might have fallen asleep in front of the fire at some point in the afternoon, when I woke up it was dark outside and the Turkey was almost cooked. Christmas Dinner for 13 was good, then we opened some presents.

The fact I have now opened all my presents gives me a small problem – and that’s to do with the number of books I have.

I don’t have a massive number of books. BUT… I am the sort of person who can go several weeks without reading anything other than the Telegraph, and then every day for a week I’ll read two whole chapters each night. Then I won’t read anything but the Telegraph for another month, before reading lots of books again.

This therefore means that 1) I am only on Chapter 5 of Margaret Thatcher’s memoirs; 2) There are books I got for Christmas two years ago which I have yet to read; 3) My pile of books waiting to be read is getting bigger.

Maybe I should take a gap year to clear the backlog of books!?

I’ve got some DVDs to watch as well – all of them in either Swedish or German, with English subtitles. Oh, and… whose idea was it to leave all the chocolate beside my bed!?! I ate a load in bed before breakfast this morning. But oranges are healthy, aren’t they – so chocolate oranges must be fine!

Lunch time now though. There’s only a couple of slices of my home made bread left, so I’d better be quick.

Bye for now…



Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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